The Function and Importance of a Battery Management System

an EV charging system.

Lithium-ion batteries have completely changed the energy storage landscape. Traditional, lead-acid batteries were preferred for individuals and industries looking for robust energy storage systems. However, lithium batteries have completely changed customer preferences because they offer a significantly longer lifespan, are lighter, more efficient, and charge faster.

However, they are prone to thermal runaway, leading to battery overheating. Therefore, these batteries usually come with a battery management system that controls and regulates the voltage in these batteries. Let’s take an in-depth look at the function and benefits of a battery management system.


The Function of a Battery Management System

The primary function of a BMS is to protect the lithium-ion cell string present in a battery from excessive temperatures. They also play a critical role in controlling low or high voltages and preventing shorts that may occur in a battery. The BMS immediately shuts down the battery if any of the above-mentioned events occur.

Another critical role of the BMS is to ensure a regulated power discharge from the battery, which is important to keep the cells in optimal condition. This plays an essential role in the overall health and longevity of the battery.

Batteries have evolved considerably, and we see a new wave of LiFePO4 batteries that aren’t prone to thermal runaways. However, they are still equipped with a robust battery management system to ensure they perform to their optimal capacity.


Battery Management System Benefits

There’s no denying that battery management systems contribute to a battery’s functioning, lifespan, and health. Some of their benefits are listed below:

  • BMS provides impeccable protection against under/over voltage conditions. If a cell string works above or below its minimum operation value, they are susceptible to damage and degradation. The BMS regulates the voltage flow and disallows under and over-voltage conditions.
  • Another significant benefit of a BMS is that it helps regulate the temperature because it is critical to the safety and stability of the battery. Thermal runaways can significantly damage the battery and can cause safety issues. A BMS detects abnormal temperatures within the battery and shuts it down to ensure no damage.
  • BMS also plays a critical role in preventing shorts because they are a significant factor that causes thermal runaways. The battery management system’sability to detect and prevent internal and external shorts is a significant factor in ensuring the safety and reliability of the battery.


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