Five Signs That Show You Need a New Golf Cart Battery

Golf carts have become an essential part of the golfing industry. Everyone is fascinated by the idea of owning a battery-powered golf cart, from pro golfers to newbie enthusiasts.

But if your golf cart battery needs replacement, we know it’s not a pleasant situation. After all, the cost of buying a new golf cart battery and making sure that you find quality products make this task quite tiresome.

In case you’re contemplating whether your golf cart needs a new battery management system, here are some signs to look out for. Ideally, you should immediately buy a new battery if your golf cart battery has most or all of these signs.


The Rapid Discharge

Most golf cart batteries are designed to last up to a minimum of 25 holes. But if your golf cart cannot continue after a few holes in the day, it’s time to consider replacing your golf cart battery. This is because quick battery discharge is a sign of age or damage to your old battery.


The Long Charging Hours

Is it taking too long to charge your lithium-ion battery? Lithium-ion batteries are preferred by golf cart owners due to their shorter charging time. But if you’re spending hours keeping your battery on charging and still not getting the best outcome, it’s time to buy a new golf cart battery.


A golf cart parked outside a golf shop


Difficulty in Acceleration

Are you having difficulty accelerating your golf cart or climbing up hills on the course? We say it’s because your good old golf cart battery needs a replacement. The older a battery gets, the more difficult it becomes for your golf cart to get a good power supply.


Visible Signs of Damage

Golf cart batteries or electric vehicle batteries show signs of visible damage after a certain time. These signs include leaking acid, bulging, and dents showing wear and tear on a battery. If your battery has these signs, it’s time to buy lithium-ion batteries online.


Out of the Warranty Period

Lithium-ion batteries last 20 years, whereas Lead Acid batteries last two to five years. So if your batteries have lived out their ages, crossed the warranty period, or have most of these signs of damage, then it’s time to buy a new golf cart battery.

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