Six Common Lithium Battery Terms You Need to Know

Mobile phone with lithium battery

It’s presumably safe to say that lithium ion batteries are currently dominating the energy storage sector. Offering a plethora of benefits, a vast range of applications, and sustainability at the helm, Li-On batteries have become a mainstream battery system.

But for all current and potential owners of lithium ion batteries, it’s becoming a tad bit difficult to understand the various terms associated with this recent technology. Therefore, in this blog today, we are breaking down some of the lithium battery terms for you to know about.

So take a look and get started!


Battery Management System

Battery Management System (BMS) is one of the most important components of a lithium ion battery. Sitting between the power generation system and the batteries, a BMS is responsible for balancing out the power in your lithium ion. This means that the battery management system, through its mechanics, prevents overcharge or rapid discharge of a battery by adequately balancing out the energy consumption.


Anode and Cathode

The anode and cathode are the negative and positive charges in a lithium battery. When your lithium battery for electric vehicles is fully charged, the electrons travel toward the cathode. This flow of electrons makes the cathode positively charged and ready to attract negative charges flowing from the anode.


 Lithium battery circuit


Depth of Discharge

Depth of discharge refers to the full cycle of a battery before it requires recharge again. A higher depth of discharge means that you can use your battery long before you have to charge it again. Lithium ion batteries have a 100 percent depth of discharge. This means that you can fully utilize the energy stored in a lithium battery before you have to recharge it.


mAh Rating

mAh rating is the milliampere-hour. This refers to the total cycles the battery will give before it completely discharges and drains. Most high-quality batteries for electric vehicles and golf carts have lithium batteries of 5000 mAh or higher.


Thermal Runaway

Thermal runaway is a serious phenomenon. This is when a lithium battery overheats or overcharges to the extent that it catches fire. In recent years, some mobile phone companies have drawn negative publicity due to lithium batteries catching fire. However, a robust battery management system can prevent the occurrence of such events.


Lithium Chemistry

Many people think that all lithium batteries are same. However, that’s not the case. Lithium batteries have six different types based on different chemical compositions. LiFePO4 is one of the most popular and practically superior lithium ion battery.


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