Battery Voltage 101: All You Need to Know

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Batteries have become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. Powering our portable electronics such as laptops, mobile phones, and electric vehicles such as golf carts, we rely on various kinds of batteries.

But if you thought that knowing about different types of batteries was enough, we suggest you think again. Because not knowing about battery voltage can land you in some serious trouble sometimes.

Take a look at this blog to learn everything about battery voltages, including some important dos and don’ts.


What is Battery Voltage?

A battery is made of anode, cathode, separator, and electrode. Anode is the negatively charged area of the battery which is separated from the cathode, the positively charged part of the battery. The difference between electrons in both the negative and positive sides of the battery is called voltage.

In simple terms, battery voltage in a lithium battery refers to the energy present in a battery.


Why Knowing Battery Voltage is Important?

Now here’s the big question. Why should you as the owner of an electric vehicle know about your EV battery voltage?

This is because of the following reasons.


Battery Type

Different equipment requires different battery voltages. Hence knowing the right voltage will help you pick the right battery type for your equipment.


Charger Type

Different battery voltages require different chargers. Using the wrong kind of charger on your battery will fluctuate the voltage and cause a spark in your battery. In the short term, this may have no implications. But in the long term, using the wrong charger will significantly reduce your battery’s lifespan.

Undercharging or Overcharging Undercharging or overcharging your battery can also cause a disruption in voltage. This disruption then reflects in a poor battery cycle.


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Types of Battery Voltages

Battery voltages are of different powers such as 2V, 6V, 12V, or 24V. The V refers to the volt and is the measure of a battery’s strength. Different batteries such as seal lead acid, lithium ion, and alkaline have different voltage types.


Difference Between High and Low Battery Voltage

Because voltage is the power inside a battery, it helps in improving the efficiency of an electronic. So a battery voltage of 12V will give more power to your golf cart than a battery voltage of 4V. This means that with a higher voltage, your golf cart will be faster, better equipped to climb heights and have more engine strength.


Important Note

One important thing to remember with battery voltages is that a portable electronics’ voltage shouldn’t increase by more than 50V. This is because 50V and more is dangerous for the human body and may be fatal in case of contact.


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